January 2017 Welfare Notes

January, 2017

Death and Burial Benefits for Active Participants
For eligible Employees who have one day of seagoing employment with a participating employer in the 365 days immediately preceding the date of death, The SUP Welfare Plan will pay a Death Benefit totaling $25,000 to a beneficiary, or beneficiaries, as designated by the Employee on a properly executed Authorized Beneficiary Form. In the event that a beneficiary has not been designated by the Employee on an Authorized Beneficiary Form, no Death Benefit will be paid by the Plan.
A Burial Benefit of up to a maximum of $500 is available to claimants of deceased Employees who had at least 1,000 days of covered employment at the time of death and had maintained shipping rights under the collective bargaining agreement.
For complete details of the Death and Burial Benefits for Active Participants, please see pages 14, 28 & 29 in the Summary Plan Description booklet.
In the next few weeks, a form entitled “Authorized Beneficiary Form for Active Members – Death Benefit” will be mailed to all participants at the address on file with the Plan Office. Please complete the form and return it to the SUP Welfare Plan even if you believe that a Death Benefit Beneficiary Form is already on file, as we would like to ensure we have your most recent choice of beneficiary. If you do not receive a form, please contact our office.
Pensioner Burial and Widow’s Benefits
The SUP Welfare Plan does not provide a Death Benefit for Pensioners; however, Burial and Widow’s Benefits are available subject to Plan rules.
The Burial allowance will be prorated according to the Pensioner’s qualifying pension contributions subject to a $1,000 maximum.
Eligible Widow’s will receive a monthly benefit equal to the SIU Pacific District Pension Plan pensioner’s benefit amount that the Pensioner would have received. The benefit is payable for 12 months or, if sooner, until death. 
For more details, please see pages 15, 39 & 41 of the Summary Plan Description booklet.