June 2015 Welfare Notes

June, 2015

Address Changes


The United Healthcare Dental Plan sent new ID cards and information to the members previously covered in the Pacific Union Dental plan.  We have received about 10 mailings returned to us for bad addresses.  This is one of the reasons we ask you to keep us informed of your address changes.  Returned mail is also a problem when Money Purchase Pension Plan and 401(k) information is mailed to members.




The SUP Welfare Plan does not cover ex-spouses.  A copy of the final divorce should be sent to us as soon as it is available to the member.  Federal COBRA law also requires us to notify the ex-spouse of their right to continue coverage by making COBRA payments.  We need the current address of the ex-spouse to comply.


Dependent social security numbers


You will soon be receiving requests from the SUP Welfare Plan for information on dependent social security numbers.  This may include dependents who have been enrolled in your plan for a long time and were enrolled as children when social security numbers were not required for enrollment, new born babies who did not have social security numbers, or dependents enrolled when the social security number was not required or available.  Some dependents may no longer be covered under your plan.  When you receive a request please call our plan office with the information.  Anyone in the office can take the information, but make sure you are calling the SUP Welfare Plan for the protection of the dependent information.