June Welfare Notes

June, 2017

Open Enrollment
Open Enrollment is the time to make changes to your enrollment. If you have dependents that were not enrolled when you first enrolled in a plan, open enrollment is the time to add the dependents. You can also change your enrollment to another plan.
Newborn dependents should be added to your coverage within 30 days of the birth. A copy of the birth certificate should be sent to the plan office along with the dependent add form. Do not delay the addition of the dependent if you are waiting for the birth certificate. Enroll the newborn and advise us you will send the birth certificate copy when you have it. Contact the SUP Welfare Plan office for dependent add forms.
Kaiser Northern California and Kaiser Southern California-Open Enrollment is in June and effective July 1.
Kaiser Hawaii, Health Net, Kaiser Washington state (formally Group Health)-Open Enrollment is in July effective August 1.
Kaiser Oregon-Open Enrollment is in December effective January 1.
HMO Dental Plans
You can change your HMO dentist by contacting your HMO Dental Plan. Since you are covered only for services by your assigned HMO dentist, be sure your Plan is aware of the change you want to make. Most dental plans require an enrollment of at least 6 months before covering major work. Be sure all major work and high dollar services are approved by your plan so that you are not charged beyond your normal copayment amounts.
Copayments for medical and dental services to active members can be submitted to the SUP Welfare Plan for reimbursement. Kaiser members must submit prescription information that will support the prescription received is for the member as the patient. If the Kaiser receipt does not indicate the patient name, additional information may be necessary.