May 2018 Welfare Notes

May, 2018

Reimbursement for Active Member Co-payments
Co-payments that are charged to active members for services from their medical and dental plans can be submitted to the SUP Welfare Plan for reimbursement. Reimbursement is allowed only for services to the member as the patient. Co-payments required for services to dependents are not reimbursable.
Reimbursement requests must be received in the Plan office within 90 days of the treatment date. Co-payments for prescription drugs must include the name of the drug on the information presented to the Plan office. 
Vision Care
The vision care benefit for active participants is allowed once in a 24-month period. The $200.00 maximum includes the exam and glasses. The cost of tints is not included in the reimbursable amount. The vision benefit is for members only and does not include dependents. An itemized bill must be submitted to the Plan office within 90 days of the service. The bill must indicate the provider name and address, patient’s name, date of service, and an itemization of the charges. 
The vision care allowance for pensioners is included in the $1,000.00 maximum of the Pensioners Annual Allowance for medical, dental, and vision co-payments. Glasses are an allowable expense once in a fiscal year. 
Foreign Dental Services for Active Participants
Dental services for active participants performed in foreign countries are not covered by the SUP Welfare Plan. Your Dental plans cover limited emergency services out of area. Claims must be submitted to your Dental Plan for out of area emergency services.