September 2018

September, 2018

Major Dental Work For Active Participants 
All participants regardless of their plan should get an estimate from your dentist before the services are started on major dental work. Work must be approved by your dental plan. If work is approved by your plan you will know in advance what your payment obligations will be.
Work that is not approved by your plan will not be paid by your plan or the SUP Welfare Plan. 
If you are enrolled in a HMO Dental Plan you must go to your HMO dentist for treatment to be covered by your Plan. The SUP Welfare Plan cannot reimburse you for services by dentists who are not your HMO dentist. You can change your HMO dentist, but you must do so by contacting your HMO Plan. 
Major Dental Work For Pensioners
Pensioners who need major dental work should also get an estimate from their dentist before beginning the treatment. Your dentist should be able to advise you of the projected cost so you can decide if you want to proceed with the services. You may need medical or vision services during the fiscal year so you will want to decide where the $1,500.00 maximum will benefit you the most. 
Flu Season
October is usually the beginning of the Flu season. Your health plans provide flu shots with no payment due from you in most cases. Be sure to check with your doctor to see if any other immunizations are recommended or you need updates on previous inoculations.