Welfare Notes - August 2003

August, 2003

Eligible members of the Sailors’ Union may elect to cover their dependents under either the Direct Payment Plan or one of the prepaid medical HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) or PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans and dental plans. Dependents living outside of the United States can only be covered under the direct payment plan.

Because of the uniqueness and diversity of the Sailors’ Union membership, we now have many members and their families, as well as retired members, living overseas. When direct pay medical and dental claims are made by members, dependents, and retirees living out of the United States, some extra information is required before the Welfare Plan can reimburse the expense.

As written in the SUP Summary Plan Description, "All medical bills submitted to the Plan Office by dependents residing outside of the United States for payment under the Direct Payment Plan must be translated into English and converted into United States currency." This policy also applies to retired members on the Annual Allowance. Any claims submitted that do not have the medical or dental procedures preformed translated into English, and the bill amount converted to U.S. dollars, will be returned by mail.

The rising costs of prescription medicines have found more members and retirees purchasing their prescriptions out of country. When submitting reimbursement claims for prescription costs or co-payments, you must also remember to convert the payment amount into U.S. dollars.

If any members, dependents or retirees have questions, you may contact the Welfare Plan Office by U.S. mail, telephone or e-mail at supwelfarerep@hotmail.com