Welfare Notes - August 2004

August, 2004

New Investment opportunities for SUP 401(k) Plan participants
The trustees of the SUP Welfare Plan have elected to offer another investment opportunity to those participating members of the SUP 401(k) Plan. Along with the current investment choices with Columbia Funds, participants may now elect to invest in the Dodge and Cox Income Fund (DIDIX).


Dodge and Cox is a long-term investment company established in San Francisco in 1930. Now in their third generation they manage separate accounts and mutual funds for individuals, and retirement plans. The principles and goals of Dodge and Cox are to establish a long-term investment horizon, and portfolio diversification.

The objective of Dodge and Cox Income Fund is to seek a high and stable rate of current income, consistent with long-term preservation of capital. A secondary objective is to take advantage of opportunities to realize capital appreciation. More information is available on this fund by contacting the SUP Welfare Representative's office by phone or e-mail. You may also contact Columbia Funds for additional financial counseling and advise. New SUP 401(k) Plan enrollment and change forms, and fund brochure information will be sent out to all contracted SUP vessels in the next few weeks.

Sayonara from Rich Reed
Due to personal reasons, I have decided to leave my position as SUP Welfare Representative. I have enjoyed my four years behind the desk, and want to thank all of the active members, retirees, and spouses for their cooperation and valuable help.