Welfare Notes - June 2003

June, 2003

Co-Payment Reimbursents
Some active members, as well as retired members, still have questions regarding the reimbursement of medical and dental co-payments. Members who are covered by SUP Welfare Plan’s medical and dental plans, and retirees with co-payments, are eligible to be reimbursed for these out-of-pocket expenses.

Co-payments are fees charged to you for covered services when you visit a medical or dental facility. This co-payment is due and payable to the provider of care at the time the service is received. Co-payments are routinely charged for prescription drugs, office visits and emergency visits. Members and retirees need to submit copies of the receipts for the co-payment along with proof of payment. Once the Welfare Plan Office receives the paperwork the reimbursement can be made. For retired members and their spouses the co-payment reimbursement will be deducted from your annual medical allowance. For active members co-payments are reimbursable only for the active member and not for dependents.

Active members who belong to out-of-area PPO medical plans and have yearly deductibles may also submit their payments for reimbursement. To collect reimbursements you need to present the "Explanation of Benefits" (EOB) and your proof of payment. Please contact the SUP Welfare Plan office if you have any questions on being reimbursed for your co-payments.