Welfare Notes - March 2001

March, 2001

Active members
The SUP Welfare Plan now offers a new dental plan. This new plan is aimed at members who live outside of the current existing dental plan coverage areas. This new coverage plan is good for all eligible members through out the U.S. who live outside of a current dental plan coverage area. If these qualifications describe your needs please apply for this new dental benefit. American General Assurance Co. offers this new plan. This new plan is for eligible members only. Eligible spouses and children will still be covered on the direct payment plan.

To obtain an application for this new plan please call, write, fax, e-mail or phone the Welfare Plan Office.

This note is a reminder to all SUP retirees who are on the annual medical and hospital allowance benefit. Your annual reimbursements are paid for a 12-month period ending July 31st.

You now have four months remaining before your annual allowance rolls over to another fiscal year. To best maximize and to take advantage of this benefit you may want to take time and plan some of your medical, dental, and eyeglass expenses between now and July 31. If you have questions on the balance in your annual allowance please write or call the welfare plan office.

Rich Reed, Welfare Plan Representative 
450 Harrison Street 
San Francisco, CA 94105

E-mail: planoffice@sailors.org