Welfare Notes - March 2008

March, 2008

Money Purchase Pension and 401(k) Plans

Many questions about the SUP Money Purchase Pension Plan and 401(k) Plan were fielded by Administrator Michelle Chang and MasterPlan Representative, Todd Smithpeter, at the recently conducted port visits. For investment questions, please contact a MasterPlan representative at 1–800-547-4334. Automated phone system access is available at 1-888-547-8716. If you need the Investment Choices Selection Form, you may contact either MasterPlan at the above number or the SUP Welfare Plan office at 1-800-796-8003 or 415-778-5490. The forms are available on board ships, at ports and can be downloaded from the MasterPlan Websiteas well.

You may fax completed Investment Choices Selection Forms directly Attn: MasterPlan Services Trade Execution at 1-503-241-8148 or send by mail to: Master Plan Services, P.O. Box 1800, Portland, OR 97207.

Please be sure to complete your personal information accurately and sign the forms.

Effective Date of Instructions for Investment Choices and Changes

Instructions received by MasterPlan by mail or fax are generally processed every Friday. Instructions need to be received in “good form” prior to the Stock Market close of the specific Friday. If the Stock Market is closed on the specific Friday, instructions will be processed the next day that the Stock Market is open.

Web and Phone System Access

Instructions received via the automated systems prior to Stock Market Close are processed the same day. Instructions received after Market Close will be processed the following business day. 

Michelle Chang – Administrator
Patty Martin
Michael Jacyna
Virginia Briggs
Berit Eriksson - Training Representative