Welfare Notes - May 2001

May, 2001

Andrew Furuseth School Of Seamanship
The Andrew Furuseth School of Seamanship at Headquarters is open and running. The school is open to all members and should be utilized by every seagoing sailor. Active members Frank Portanier, Romaine Dudley, and Sonny Cooper will be on hand to teach and instruct in all areas of marlinspike seamanship. This is your opportunity to learn or to refresh your skills splicing 8 and 12 strand mooring line. Rigging vices are set up to teach wire splicing, and things are in place to teach everything from knots and hitches to whippings and stitching. The school is a hands on learning center and should be used by all new members as well as all current Able Seamen and Bosuns. The school hours are posted at Headquarters.

When submitting claims for dental co-payment reimbursements, please be sure the following information is on the claim: Patients name, date(s) of service, ADA codes and amount paid. ITEMIZED STATEMENTS & ADA CODES ARE A MUST!

Payment cannot be made on balance forward statements, cash receipts, VISA receipts or any statement without the above information.

If you are covered by a prepaid dental plan such as Pacific Union Dental, DeltaCare PMI etc., before having any major work done, be sure to verify your co-payment for covered services.

SUP Welfare Plan does not reimburse for upgrades or non covered services. For example: ADA Code 2750-Porcelain with gold crown, your co-pay $73.00; Upgrade: Porcelain Hi Noble-$550.00-SUP will only reimburse $73.00. You will be responsible for the difference.

Pacific Union Dental, Group 94421 

DeltaCare PMI, Group 2907 

Dental Health Services, Group W1033 

Dina Dental, Group 20111 

Sakai Dental 

HealthNet FlexNet Program
In order to be reimbursed your medical co-payment the following information is needed: HealthNet Flex Net's Explanation of Benefits. Payment cannot be made on balance forward, cash receipts, visa receipts or any statement that does not accompany the Explanation of benefits from HealthNet. 

SUP Welfare Plan
Rich Reed, Welfare Plan Representative 
450 Harrison Street 
San Francisco, CA 94105

E-mail: planoffice@sailors.org