Welfare Notes - May 2011

May, 2011

Dear Participant: We are pleased to present SUP Welfare Plan's Summary Plan Description describing the benefits provided by the SUP Welfare Plan. The Plan was established in accordance with Collective Bargaining Agreements between the Sailors' Union of the Pacific and participating employers.

The Plan Description furnishes a brief description of the benefits to which you and your family are entitled, the rules governing these benefits, and the procedures that should be followed when making a claim. This booklet includes certain information concerning the administration of the Plan as required by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. We urge you and your family to read this booklet thoroughly so that you will be familiar with the benefits of the Plan. We are pleased to present this booklet describing the benefits provided by the SUP Welfare Plan.


There was a recent informational mailing on the eligibility status of participants for Welfare Plan benefits. Going forward, eligibility statements will be sent out from the Plan office on a quarterly basis.

If you file for your Supplemental Benefits in person, please take the time to check on your eligibility status while you are in the office. Also be sure to call if you have any questions on your eligibility or enrollment.

Enrollment for Dependents under the Age of 26

There will be a special open enrollment period July 1st through July 31st, 2011 to add dependent children who are age 19 or older, but under the age of 26. Coverage will be effective August 1, 2011 for those dependents who are added to your plan.

The dependents can be added to the same HMO or PPO Plan that covers the member. If you do not receive the notice to add your dependent, please contact the Plan office.

Termination of Direct Payment Medical Plan

The Direct Payment Medical Plan will be terminated effective August 1, 2011 in compliance with provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Dependents of eligible participants can be enrolled only in the same HMO or PPO Plan that covers the member. Non-emergency out-of-country services will no longer be covered. If you need enrollment forms, please contact the Plan office.

Michelle Chang, Administrator  
Patty Martin  
Virginia Briggs, Claims   
Michael Jacyna, Eligibility