Welfare Notes - November 2000

September, 2000

Active members
Do you know that you have a medical and dental benefits anniversary date? Once you gain initial benefit eligibility you must ship 60 days in a 12-month period to maintain your eligibility. The 12-month period begins with your "benefits anniversary date," not with the calendar year or the date on which you joined or paid off of a ship. Your anniversary date was determined when you first be-came eligible for benefits. If this is unclear, or you do not know which month your anniversary date is, check with your branch agent or call the Welfare Plan office for further information.

In order to better serve our retired members, and active membership, we have made it easier and less expensive for you to reach the Welfare office. Beginning in November, you may reach the Welfare Plan by toll-free telephone! In addition to our regular local telephone numbers, those members who live outside of the Headquarters area may now reach us at (800) 796-8003.

SUP Welfare Plan
Rich Reed, Welfare Plan Representative 
450 Harrison Street 
San Francisco, CA 94105

(415) 778-5490 - Main
(415) 778-5491 - Eligibility active members/dependents

(415) 778-5493 - SUP Money Purchase Plan, SUP 401(k) Plan, Pensioner Medical Benefits
(800) 796-8003 - Toll-Free Number

Fax: (415) 778-5494 
E-mail: planoffice@sailors.org