Welfare Notes - October 2004

October, 2004

Coverage for medical treatment is something we all think of especially during an election year as it becomes a campaign issue. Active SUP members are eligible for both medical and dental coverage. Please be sure that you are enrolled for a medical and dental plan. If you have not enrolled for coverage, contact the plan office for enrollment information.

We encourage you to use your dental plan as an important part of maintaining your overall health. Many of the preventive and minor services covered under the dental plans are performed without any co-payment due from you.

When going to your dentist for extensive treatment, however, it is advisable to get information on the proposed treatment before the work is performed. The dentist can give you an itemization of the services including an estimate of any co-payments that may be due from you.

You can check the proposed dental treatment plan with your information to make sure any co-payments that will be charged are correct. You may also contact the SUP Plan office for any questions or to change dentists within your plan.

Pensioners can also submit dental charges for reimbursement under the Pensioner’s annual allowance benefits. In any case, it is a good idea to get a treatment plan that includes costs which may be due from you before the services are performed.

The SUP Welfare Plan staff is here to help you.