Welfare Notes - October 2010

October, 2010

Mailings for Active Members

Active participants of the SUP Money Purchase Pension and 401(k) Plans should have recently received a contributions and mandays detail statement for shipping time through August 31st, 2010. Participants’ investment information will be displayed in The Standard’s third quarter statement, which will soon be mailed out.

Please contact the Plans Administrative Office if you do not receive the mailings. Many mailings are returned because of old addresses that are no longer in effect, so it is important to provide your current mailing address.

Flu Season

According to the Center for Disease Control most people who get the flu will not need medical care or antiviral drugs and will recover within two weeks. However, some who come down with the flu are more susceptible to complications that may result in hospitalization and occasionally death. Flu related complications include pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus infections and ear infections. The flu can also make chronic health problems worse.

People at high risk for developing flu related complications are children younger than five years old and especially children younger than two years old, adults 65 years of age and older, and pregnant women. People with medical conditions including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart disease, or kidney and liver disorders are also at high risk for developing flu related complications.

It is recommended that you check with your doctor about getting a flu vaccination. Also check with the SUP Welfare Plan office if you have any questions in regard to your eligibility and be sure you are enrolled in a medical and dental Plan.

Michelle Chang, Administrator  
Patty Martin  
Virginia Briggs, Claims   
Michael Jacyna, Eligibility