Welfare Notes - September 2004

September, 2004

If a member of the SUP Welfare Plan incurs an injury or medical condition that does not allow him/her to work, an Unfit-for-Duty slip must be obtained from the Plan office. The form must be completed by a licensed physician and indicate the start date and expected return date to active status along with the diagnosis. Should the member not be able to return to active duty by the expected date of return on the Unfit-for-Duty slip, a new form must be completed by the treating physician indicating the extension period. An Unfit-for-Duty slip must be completed and turned into the Plan office every six months even if the original slip indicates a greater disability period. This will ensure that there will not be any interruption in health benefits.

Welcome Aboard!
We’re pleased to welcome Steve Messenger as the new SUP Welfare Representative. Steve’s knowledge, experience, and fortitude will make him a valuable asset to the plan office and the membership.

Beneficiary Forms
The SUP Welfare plan is currently requesting members to submit beneficiary forms for the SUP Welfare Plan, SUP Money Purchase Pension Plan, and SUP 401(k) Plan if you haven’t already sent them in to the office. Beneficiary forms can be obtained by contacting our office at (415) 778-5490. If you’re unsure that you have submitted a beneficiary form, feel free to contact us and we will verify your current status.