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Our maritime industry is too important to ignore

In 2016, over $475 billion worth of American exports were transported overseas by ship.


USA Maritime emphasizes crucial importance of Food for Peace

A letter was sent to President Trump by USA Maritime Chairman James Henry. USA Maritime emphasizing the importance of Food for Peace.


Trump nominee for Transportation Secretary voices strong support for Jones Act and U.S. Merchant Marine

United States Secretary of Transportation-designee Elaine Chao reaffirmed her longtime support for the U.S.-flag maritime industry during her confirmation hearing before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee on January 11.


Congressman Duncan Hunter emphasizes importance of Jones Act in letter to President-elect

Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-California), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation, sent a letter dated December 2, to President-elect Donald Trump highlighting the importance of the Jones Act.


The post election unknowns

Like it or not, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the nation’s 45th president on January 20. With the Republicans retaining control of the Senate and the House of Representatives and now gaining the White House, the road ahead for organized labor will be challenging.


Global shipping faces upheaval

World-wide container volumes are on track for zero growth this year, which would mark the sector’s worst performance since the 2009 economic crisis and a likely catalyst for further bankruptcies and possible shipping-industry consolidation.