Go to Sea with the SUP


The Sailors' Union of the Pacific is currently registering qualified mariners to crew merchant ships such as tankers, government vessels, container ships and in other jobs.

Registration will be conducted in accordance our established practice and the SUP SHIPPING RULES.

To register, a mariner must apply at any SUP union hall or fill out the registration form available at the link below.  Then save the form to your computer and email it to dispatcher@sailors.org or matt@sailors.org. Then you can mail a check or money order with the registration fee of $100.00 separately.

If you fill out the form and send it, independent of any payment, we will contact you to disucss options and fee payment options.

Or you can print the form and mail it with check or money order for registration fee . See addresses of Headquarters and Branches on the Contact Us page of this site.

SUP Fillable Registration Form



Documentation and credentials are a critical part of gaining work at sea on U.S. merchant ships. You need a Merchant Mariner's Document (AB, OS, QMED, etc.), STCW qualifications including a Basic Safety Training certificate, passport, TWIC card, a valid Fit for Duty (within one year), a clean drug screen not more than 180 days old, and $100.00 to register, which is valid for three calendar months. Also a VPDSD-VI/6 (Vessel Personnel Designated with Security Duties/Security Awareness) is recommended and needed for most jobs including all offshore jobs. The MMC and STCW certification is handled by application to the U.S. Coast Guard. See links below and on the training page for information on this process.

Generally, you must be present in the hall to be shipped to any SUP vessel. Jobs are shipped by seniority and by registration date. Read an overview of the SUP and information about our seniority system elsewhere on this page. 

Additional questions may be addressed to any Branch Agent, Business Agent or Vice President Matt Henning, at SUP HQ at 415 777 3400.