Democrats Nominate Biden-Harris for White House Run -- August 2020

The latest Congressional relief plan failed, and unemployment benefits and MSP funding among trillions of other dollars were held up. Joe Biden selected Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate and the Democratic Party sealed the deal with a formal nomination at a virtual convention. The California Labor Federation held its biennial convention and reaffirmed its strong support for maritime policy that is not a hindrance to American mariners. At government meetings we learned of possible continued extensions to document expirations, and the Coast Guard pledged further support as the CDC made ship specific recommendations, all against the horrible backdrop of the first merchant mariner COVID death in the Maersk Idaho. We expressed our sorrow and then railed against a system of haphazard access to testing, the slow results, the direct and indirect costs, as well as contractor access to our quarters. We pressed for practical accommodations for unavoidable restrictions only, and held companies accountable to what limited standards are available. That's the fight, on fronts new and old, against coronavirus and its aiders, abettors, and apologists. The battle rages on in ways large and small and some of it was chronicled here in then issue of the WCS for...

August 2020

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Friday, August 21, 2020