February 2017 Welfare Notes

February, 2017

Timely Notification
to the SUP Welfare Plan
You must submit changes and additions for your plan coverage to the SUP Welfare Plan to add new spouses and new born dependents within 30 days of the birth of the baby and within 30 days of the marriage for new spouses. You should also keep us informed of address changes and the death of any dependents or divorce.
It is also important to have proper documentation of any Unfit For Duty illness or injury to us in a timely manner. Late submission of your inability to perform your job requirements may not allow us to help you resolve coverage issues. Our Plan contracts limit our ability to make retroactive changes on your coverage. 
Reminder: your employer will not automatically submit information to us for any injury or illness that may occur on the ship. It is your responsibility to make sure that information is sent to the SUP Welfare Plan.
Group Health Members
As many of you know, Group Health Cooperative was acquired by Kaiser. The Group Health Plan you are currently enrolled in will not change until the renewal in August 2017. 
Group Health Members will be receiving information in the mail such as a welcome letter and a new ID card. Do not throw away your old ID card before receiving the new card. You will also begin to see the Kaiser name in correspondence you receive and the Group Health facilities. We will keep you informed of the changes as they are given to us.