Telehealth Services

This page will familiarize members and participants with the telehealth or remote services benefits that are made available by SUP health care providers. These benefits include access to video-conferencing with doctors and nurses, e-visits, mail order pharmacy, email, telephone, and app based connections.

These benefits are not intended to be a replacement for consultations and visits with primary care providers including doctors, nurses, theurapists, labs, etc. They are instead provided only as a supplement to primary care as may be convenient, especially during the pandemic when access to hospitals and clinics may be restricted depending on the region.

Here follows some of information related to telehealth services available to eligibile SUP members by region and by plan.


Kaiser has long had a telehealth benefit services and has recently expanded and enriched its menu of options due to COVID-19. The following information is by region and current as of September 11, 2020. 

Kaiser Hawaii Video Visits Information

Kaiser Hawaii COVID 19 How to Get Care

Kaiser NorCal Telehealth Information

Kaiser SoCal Telehealth Information

Kaiser Pacific Northwest Telehealth Information

All Kaiser services can be access at Kaiser Permanente



HealthNet has terminated its relationship with Teladoc and replaced digital remote consultation services with a new prover call Babylon. Babylon has partnered with Health Net to provide adccess to healthcare any time directirly from your phone.

All HealthNet services can be accessed from the login at HealthNet

Babylon Digital Health can be accessed here: Babylon

Both Babylon and CVS MinuteClinics are designed to provide digital care including all preventative care is free to participants. Most other treatment or non-preventative care comes with co-pays only. The following describes the basics of both benefits and is current as of September 11, 2020.

Minute Clinice information can be accessed here: HealthNet MinuteClinic Listings and Reference Guide