March 2016 Welfare Notes

March, 2016

Dependent Verification

A recent mailing was sent to members who have dependents enrolled under their plan coverage. If you have not yet replied to the information request, please do so as soon as possible.

The dependent verification request lists the dependents that are currently enrolled in your plans. We are not requesting documentation on these dependents such as marriage certificates or birth certificates. We are asking you to acknowledge that these dependents meet the plan requirements as dependents and send us your response.

Eligible dependents include legally married spouses, dependent children and adopted children who have not yet reached 26 years of age. Coverage for dependent children terminates in the month after they become 26 years of age.

If you have dependents that your want to enroll and they are not listed on the dependent verification form, please contact our office. You can add dependents within the first 30 days of acquiring the dependents by marriage or birth. If there is a delay beyond the 30 days, you can add the dependents in the open enrollment period of your plan. Adding dependents will require a dependent add form for the plan and also a copy of the marriage certificate or birth certificate for children.

The dependent verification form was sent only to members with dependents enrolled in their plan coverage. If you have dependents enrolled under your coverage and did not receive a form, please contact our office.

Please inform the SUP Welfare Plan office of dependent changes including deaths and divorce. Also inform us of address changes.