Welfare Notes - February 2005

February, 2005

Re-Enrollment for Active Participants
If a participant reestablishes eligibility after medical and dental coverage terminates because of insufficient working days, the participant must complete new enrollment forms to restart their coverage.  As an example if a participant has been a Kaiser member, but loses his coverage because of insufficient shipping time that person must fill out new Kaiser forms once eligibility is reestablished.

If you have questions about changes in your eligibility or need enrollment forms, please contact the Welfare Plan office (800-796-8003).

Active Participants Who Are Unfit for Duty 
Active participants who become Unfit for Duty due to illness or injury should submit Unfit for Duty forms to the SUP Welfare Plan office.  Unfit for Duty information verified by your attending physician can extend your medical and dental coverage until you regain your fit for duty status. Updated forms from your doctor should be submitted periodically as you receive treatment and a form should be submitted once you are medically fit for duty again.  Please contact the Welfare Plan office if you need forms or have questions (800-796-8003).

Pensioners Who Are Veterans
Pensioners who are also veterans may be eligible to get their prescription drugs from the Veterans Administration.  The VA co-payment for prescriptions maybe significantly less than the amount you are currently paying for your drugs.  That co-payment amount can be submitted to the SUP Welfare Plan for reimbursement under the Annual Pensioners Allowance.  For information about benefits available to veterans please contact your local