Welfare Notes - July 2001

July, 2001

The trustees of the Welfare Plan met in June and made a decision that will benefit the retirees' annual allowance. As of August 1, 2001 the maximum amount payable on your annual allowance will be raised to $2000.00 per fiscal year. Those retirees who are not qualified for the maximum annual allowance will have their annual allowance fund raised accordingly.

Active members
A new dental plan will be going into effect for active members in Hawaii. Starting August 1, 2000, the Welfare Plan will be able to offer dental coverage through Kaiser of Hawaii. This new dental plan will be good both for members and dependents, and will offer coverage on all islands. The Welfare Plan will soon be mailing information on your new dental plan to all eligible members.

Welfare Plan Representative to visit membership meetings
SUP Welfare Representative Rich Reed will be attending the branch membership meetings in the next few months. This will be a good opportunity for retirees and active members to ask questions on the Money Purchase Plan, the 401(k) Plan, or to discuss individual medical and dental claims. I will plan to spend the entire day at the branch halls so there will be plenty of time to answer questions. Listed below are the meetings that I plan to attend:

Seattle: August 20, 2001 
Honolulu: October 15, 2001 
Wilmington: November 19, 2001

SUP Welfare Plan
Rich Reed, Welfare Plan Representative 
450 Harrison Street 
San Francisco, CA 94105

E-mail: planoffice@sailors.org