West Coast Sailors

August 2000

On August 12, 2000, more than 1000 miles offshore, the SUP-crewed
Chevron Wash-ington engaged in a dramatic and complicated rescue.
Diverted by a satellite phone call from the United States Coast
Guard-Alameda, the Washington rushed to the aid of a seriously
injured sailor aboard a dismasted sailboat.

July 2000

U.S. cruise ship bill prompts company to arrange financing for vessel construction.

June 2000

The Senate comitte on Comerce, Science and Transportation on June 15 passed a bill that is designed to facilitate the entry of U

May 2000

Bum decision prompts protest by SUP company; Government stays the award.

April 2000

A strong U.S.-flags commercial merchant fleet is absolutely essential to ensuring U.S. national defense and economic security in

March 2000

USNS Pililaau: the fifth of a series of seven Bob Hope-class, large, medium-speed, roll-on/roll-off being built for the Military

February 2000

Officers elected, amendments decided.

January 2000

Foreign-flag cruiseship working conditions exposed.